Trevor Rendle, chef and owner, burst from the kitchen to explain each of his four courses and palate cleansing sorbets in detail. He’d rub his hands describing his taste—texture inventions, cold slivers of lemonade with hot coriander-laced mussel fritters, soft Manuka honey vanilla mascarpone stacked between crunchy filo wafers.
An advocate of Italy’s Slow Food Movement Earthsong favours locally produced seasonal ingredients and dining was a four hour experience. We remembered how sensual and satisfying it was to savour good cooking. We felt discreetly spoilt.
Journalist, Rosie Walford, NZ Herald

EarthSong Chef

When planning his menus Chef Trevor enjoys following the seasons. He sources fresh organic produce locally and the gardens at EarthSong also supplement the fare. The table olives and extra virgin olive oil from the EarthSong olive grove are a special feature in Trevor’s menus. Trevor has a passion for cooking techniques that honour the integrity of the ingredients.

Our Menu

Each day, Chef Trevor Rendle designs the dinner menu at Earthsong to take advantage of local and seasonally available produce. Then each menu is handcrafted to take you on a culinary journey with flavours and portions beautifully balanced.

The rich vibrant produce of the South Pacific inspires Trevor to explore the romance of regional cooking and offers guests the opportunity to savour the finest taste sensations prepared in the time-honoured way. These wonderful flavours and the convivial lodge atmosphere bring guests together as friends and dining becomes a very memorable and special experience.

Here is a selection of menus recently enjoyed at Earthsong.

The views from the balconies out the front of each bedroom are stupendous – out over the Hauraki Gulf to Auckland with the northern tip of the Coromandel Peninsula clearly visible…Trevor belongs to the ‘Slow Cooking’ school of cuisine and the meal that evening was first class.
For an appetizer we had seared whole baby paua on a bed of green salsa – superb.
The entrée was a Great Barrier Lobster (crayfish) tail steamed in a bamboo basket and served with juniper berry and thyme infused sweet pepper sauce – stunning.
Then came an excellent mint sorbet followed by the main course – snapper fillets on a crisp risotto cake and glazed with a saffron, lemon and caper sauce…the dessert was a killer stroke. Caramelised slices of Rose apples with iced cinnamon parfait. To die for. Normally my preference is something chocolate and something (ice) creamy. But this was sensational…overall it was one of the ten best meals I have ever had.
Allan Dick, Another Country – an excerpt from Allan Dick’s revue of his stay at Earthsong Lodge, From NZ Today July 2008

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