Beautiful white beaches, rugged wilderness, subtropical virgin forest, rare plant and bird life are just some of the island’s many attractions.

A large part of the Great Barrier’s charm and adventure is the fact that the island is still quite remote and the relaxed lifestyle is very different to how most of us live. With a permanent population of around 800 this sparsely populated 285 square km island is one of the few untouched and unspoilt places still remaining in the world.
Rare flora and fauna and New Zealand native birdlife thrive with the absence of predators. The coastline also provides a diversity of habitats for aquatic plants and animals.

The Barrier’s location on the edge of the Pacific Ocean means that its waters contain all manner of unexpected visitors from whales, dolphins and pelagic fish to manta rays and turtles.
EarthSong Lodge can tailor a variety of adventures to suit your personal interests. On Great Barrier Island you can take a soak in thermal hot springs, tramp through coastal forests or snorkel in an isolated cove.

Great Barrier Island offers a wide range of walking, tramping and hiking tracks. There are over 100 kilometres of walking tracks on the island, from short day walks on well formed tracks such at the popular Kaitoke Hot Springs track, to challenging hiking tracks through the steep interior of the island.

A number of tracks lead to the summit of Mt Hirakimata (Mt Hobson), which offers extensive views of the island, across the Hauraki Gulf and surrounding coastline.  The climb to the top of Windy Canyon, is a spectacular short walk. The path winds around rocky outcrops and past sheer cliffs coated with rata vines, Rewarewa and purple-flowered Hebe and takes in breath-taking views of the island and beyond.

Kaitoke Hot Springs Track is a popular easy walk to thermal hot springs on Great Barrier Island. It’s buggy and wheel chair friendly too. Windy Canyon Lookout is also a popular walk offering spectacular views. Discover some of the Port Fitzroy tracks which give you great views of the island, and explore the Port Fitzroy area on one of the walks, ranging from 15 minutes to an hour.
With a guide for the day (or half day) explore the island with a tailor-made tour. Discover spectacular Windy Canyon, the magnificent east coast beaches and visit Glenfern Sanctuary.

When the sun sets each evening of your visit to EarthSong the ‘night show’ begins, the universe glitters a path across the sky over Great Barrier Island. The Milky Way spans the skies and the Magellanic Clouds, unseen in the northern hemisphere, unfold and the star-studded glory is revealed.

There is only one island on earth that has been found worthy of “Dark Sky Sanctuary” status by the International Dark Sky Association. Being off the grid with a small residential population, and the distance from the light dome of Auckland City are contributors to a spectacular night sky that must be seen to be believed. The Dark Sky Sanctuary status protects the night sky for present and future generations.

“Good Heavens” Dark Sky Ambassadors will come to Earthsong Lodge to give our guests a magical evening. They will provide astronomical binoculars and an 8” Dobsonian Telescope. You will find yourself up close and personal with the stars. The Dark Sky Ambassadors are passionate. They will guide you through the starry southern skies, sharing their knowledge on the basics of astronomy and adding lots of local flavour.

This is a MUST experience. Advance bookings are essential and cost NZ$600 for up to 4 people, then $120 for each additional person.

Contact Earthsong Lodge to arrange a Good Heavens Dark Sky Experience during your stay. There will be no charge in the event of inclement weather.

Great Barrier Island Dark Skies are superb so join us for a magical evening in this International Dark Sky Sanctuary.

Click here to view our gallery of amazing Dark Sky photographs taken by Carol Comer Photography.


With a guide for the day (or half day) explore the island with a tailor-made tour. Discover spectacular Windy Canyon, the magnificent east coast beaches and visit Glenfern Sanctuary.

Glenfern Sanctuary offers a rare opportunity to experience native wildlife on Great Barrier Island. The Sanctuary is part of 230ha Kotuku Peninsula in the north of Great Barrier Island between Port FitzRoy and Port Abercrombie and the result of 18 years hard work.

Over 9,000 native trees have been planted and there is an extensive network of tracks. Across a swing bridge you can climb into the crown of a 600 year old giant kauri tree above the forest canopy.

The sanctuary is a safe habitat for many native species including the black petrel and brown teal which are breeding here, also kaka and chevron skink and the recently introduced North Island robin.

Fishing Charters on Great Barrier Island gives you the chance to enjoy fishing for some of the finest salt water fish in the world. Prior booking recommended, Licensed to take up to 6 passengers – half day and full day

Great Barrier offers sea kayaking adventures in a subtropical paradise and lessons are available for new paddlers. Many of our guests recount their kayak experience being accompanied by families of dolphins that live in the coastal waters of Great Barrier Island.

Want to learn to surf? Need to master that turn? Want to be coached by a pro? Aotea Surf School offers surf school classes for all levels. Izzy and Kelly run a variety of surf school classes 7 days a week over the summer months. Lessons run for two hours and it is a good idea to book ahead. We can assist in booking this experience.
Great Barrier Island offers a variety of spectacular diving, snorkeling and scuba diving attractions in stunning locations. Waters around Great Barrier Island teem with fascinating underwater life and the usually clear waters make for excellent viewing.

All equipment required for these Great Barrier Island Adventures can be hired from Hooked on Barrier when you get here or by prior arrangement and your EarthSong hosts are happy to assist.

When you arrive at EarthSong ask about the best swimming beaches. Trevor and Carol will supply island maps and extensive information about safe swimming, tides and weather conditions. Sea temperatures vary from the Barrier’s west coast beaches which are generally several degrees warmer than the east coast surf beaches.

It is said that there are more artists per head of population on Great Barrier Island than anywhere else in New Zealand.

Numerous small galleries throughout the island display works of art inspired by the dramatic landscape of the island, coast and sea, and the people who have chosen to live here. Great Barrier Island Heritage and Arts Village displays an ever changing collection of Island arts and crafts. Perfect place to find that unique memento or gift to take home.

With the abundance of native forest Great Barrier Island has become home to many endangered birds. As well, the coastal margins of this island provide a natural home to sea birds rarely seen on the mainland. The many species of rare and endangered New Zealand birds attract keen birdwatchers from around the world. Earthsong Lodge has a programme of actively planting native trees to encourage the return of native bird species.

Bird species which feed on the nectar of trees in flower assist in the natural process of flower pollination and distribution of tree seeds. Among the birds now returning to the lodge forests include kaka (native parrot), tui, fantails, silver eye, kereru (New Zealand Pigeon), pateke (brown teal duck), shining cuckoo, grey warbler, morepork (New Zealand’s only native owl), banded rail, and black petrel.

EarthSong Lodge has a range of maps and adventure information and brochures available and if required, we will assist guests in planning their exploration of this unique island.

If EarthSong Lodge is sounding like a good place to take your next excursion, get in touch with us now to find out more and secure your booking.

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