EarthSong Lodge has been created in harmony with our unique sustainable environment to provide a luxurious retreat for those who seek to experience one of New Zealand’s best island wilderness regions.

Great Barrier Island has a rich human history dating back a thousand years to the great Polynesian explorer, Kupe. In November 1769 Captain James Cook, was the first European to sight the island.

A tough pioneering history of logging and mining on Great Barrier Island has taught the local community valuable lessons about respecting the environment. Today, over 60% of the island is protected as conservation estate or reserves for future generations to enjoy.

Great Barrier Island, the fourth largest island in New Zealand, has only a small population, which survives without reticulated power or water. The pioneering spirit and conservation ethic are strong, where many residents choose to extract their power from the sun, wind and water and in so doing have a built up an enviable reputation in the field of alternative energy.

These environmental values were a strong influence in choosing Great Barrier Island for the location of Earthsong as a sustainable eco-tourism accommodation lodge.

Uniquely positioned on Great Barrier Island Earthsong Lodge was created on the remnants of an early pioneering family farm that had become unproductive. The 5 hectare property is nestled below a ridge-line and blends harmoniously with the landscape.

Earthsong Lodge is a small luxury lodge providing accommodation for up to six guests. Because of its small size, guests can enjoy the environment of a luxury lodge promoting sustainable tourism with minimum impact on the land.

Native bird species which feed on the nectar of trees in flower are returning and they assist in the natural process of pollination of flowers and distribution of tree seeds.

Among the birds now returning to the lodge forests include kaka (native parrot), tui, fantails, silver eye, kereru (New Zealand Pigeon), pateke (brown teal duck), shining cuckoo, grey warbler, morepork (New Zealand’s only native owl), banded rail, and black petrel.

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